Choosing the right online casino Canada

How do you choose the best online casino Canada such as ? The first thing you should consider is the safety angle. In your quest, you would encounter a great many websites that would promise you big money. Please avoid these shady websites; online gambling is a matter of luck and strategy alone.

Look out for 'https'

Online casinos whose websites start with 'https' are considered safer and more trustworthy by search engines. That said, please read up some online reviews before shortlisting your online casino. Find out about its payment history, ease of use, its payment gateways and transaction costs, if any. Also find out if your casino processes payments quickly.

  • Creating an account is easy and takes just a few steps
  • Online casinos in Canada might restrict players from some countries

What happens to your data resting on your online casino? Is it protected? As soon as you enter your credit card details, etc. this data gets encrypted automatically. Also, when this data moves from point to another, it gets covered under a virtual tunnel. This is made possible by the SSL technology.

Online casinos and games

A good online casino is one that has a range of games. Some websites have more than 1,000 games spanning slots, table games, jackpots, progressive jackpots and so on. This allows players to select the games of their choice. Some online casinos even have live casino products such as live Roulette, live Baccarat etc.

Live casino games provide the same experience as the brick and mortar casinos do. Check if your online casino also has weekly or monthly tournaments. These timed events give you an extra chance to win big. Games can be played just for fun or real money. If you are playing for real money, test out demo games.

Casinos and their bonuses

Bonuses are an integral part of all online casinos Canada. The most common bonus that you can get is the Matching Bonus. When you make your first deposit, your casino matches it with a similar amount. On your second deposit, you might get a second matching deposit and so on. You might also get a few free spins.

  • A bonus is virtual money to be used for betting only
  • Every bonus is governed by a set of terms and conditions

Some online casinos award No Deposit Bonuses to players who do not make any deposits. Usually this bonus is smaller than the Matching Bonus. If you keep reloading your bonuses weekly or monthly, your casino might award you a Reload Bonus as well. High Rollers often special bonuses from their online casinos.

Online casinos and technology

Some online gambling websites can be downloaded and installed on your device. For this, you might need specialized software such as Flash. Most of the sites, however, don't need to be installed at all. Simply launch them on your browser and start playing your game immediately. Enjoy your game on mobile devices, laptops or tablets.

One thing , though. While installing your casino, please check for any viruses or malware. Modern technology permits us to play these games on any iOS and Android device. Also, your casino would be supported by Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and other browsers. Take your casino wherever you go, and never miss any fresh launches and excitement.

  • Unclutter your mobile device before installing your online casino
  • All features remain the same when you play the same game on your device

Live casinos- what are they?

In a live casino, you play against a live dealer. You interact with him, engage in chit-chat and watch his moves closely. In live casinos, the dealer's sentences are converted into text by a special device, so you don't exactly hear all that he says. Are live casinos fair and 100% transparent?

You can adjust your camera angle to watch closely what the croupier does on the dealing table. If you have any complaints, you can speak to the pit boss of the live casino. Do you receive the same payouts as in a regular casino? Yes, you still receive the same benefits in your live casino.